Award-winning Buckypaper

  • SME Innovations That Could Change The Way You Manufacture Award, 2009
  • Nanotech Briefs Nano 50 Award, 2008
  • R&D Magazine Micro/Nano 25 Award, 2007

What is Buckypaper?

  • A novel easy-to-handle thin film formed using carbon nanotubes or fibers
  • Composed of single-walled, multi-walled carbon nanotubes or carbon nanofibers that undergo a repeatable and scalable manufacturing process
  • Extremely thin (~25 microns) and and lightweight (areal density: 0.0705 oz/ft²)
  • Thermally conductive
  • Electrically conductive
  • High mechanical strength and modulus
  • High strain rate
  • Highly efficient field emission
  • Self-actuation

Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes

  • Strongest fiber that's ever been made (250x stronger than steel, yet 10x lighter)
  • Electrical conductivity of copper or silicon
  • Thermal conductivity higher than diamond
  • First discovered by Nobel Laureates Bob Curl, Harry Kroto and Richard Smalley
  • Key problems are price and the difficulty of working with them


  • Electromagnetic interference shielding
  • Radiation shielding
  • Lightning strike protection
  • Heat sinks
  • Thermal management
  • Electrodes for fuel cells, supercapacitors and batteries
  • Ultra-high strength structures
  • Personal protection: body armor, helmets, armored vehicles
  • Medical devices
  • Flat panel displays