Biosensors, Sensing and Actuation

Structural health monitoring (SHM) is vital for constructed systems and infrastructure for applications involving aircraft, wind blades, bridges, etc. Unexpected failures can result in major devastation. HPMI is developing CNT-based sensors and actuators to offer SHM that can become an integral part of structures or functional devices. HPMI is working on developing mold-free, advanced manufacturing processes for composite materials and medical devices.
Related Research Projects:

  • Biosensors and Energy Storage
  • Carbon nanotube thin film enabled sensing and opto-electronic materials
  • TriP intrinsic structural health monitoring
  • Nanofoam-based pressure sensors and actuators
  • Polymer/CNT nanocomposites for strain sensing
  • Buckypaper-based low power consuming actuators
  • Printed RFID circuits
  • Printed circuits on carbon fibers for structural health monitoring of composites
  • Sensor placement and damage classification methods for health monitoring of composite structures