HPMI Researchers excel at 2016 SAMPE conference

A team of HPMI Researchers attended the SAMPE 2016 Conference and Exhibition in Long Beach, CA.

At the conference of the 20 students selected to compete from across the world, Hai Hoang Van’s poster explaining his research in Laser Manufacturing of Low Cost Carbon Fibers placed 2nd.

Aniket Ingrole was selected as a winner of the National and Regional Leadership Experience Awards. The SAMPE Student Leader Experience Award sends student leaders to the SAMPE North America Conference and Exhibition to network with peers and industry professionals and increase their understanding of the Materials and Processes community. Aniket has excelled in the past year 2015. He won First place in SAMPE Additive Manufacturing Contest, First place in FSU 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) competition, and the GEOSET Award for Scholastic Achievement. He was also a part of team that participated in SAMPE Student Bridge Contest in 2015 and led the team this year for SAMPE 2016. He is also represented FSU in the Conference of Southern Graduate Schools (CSGS) 3MT Regional Finals 2016. He is also exhibiting excellent leadership skills in his role as President of the SAMPE - FSU student chapter. 

Several HPMI students, with HPMI engineer Jerry Horne, competed in the Student Bridge Competition. The student teams’ bridges were subject to tests determining their strength relative to weight. Of the 92 teams of 125 students from around the world, the HPMI bridge finished fourth.

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