Jolie Frketic participated in U.S. Army Research Laboratory research programs

HPMI Researcher and IME PhD Candidate Jolie Frketic was awarded an appointment to the Student Research Participation Program at the U.S. Army Research Laboratory (USARL) through a program administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE).

This appointment allowed her to work with state of the art equipment and materials in order to advance the state of the art in multifunctional additive manufacturing for robotics and composites. Through this research she was featured in ARL TV episodes through its YouTube channel. One featured here work with STEM high school students and her work with drones for the U.S. Army.  She was also featured in several online articles including CNET,  which included her work on 3-D printed drones.

The appointment was awarded to her in recognition of her academic excellence and scientific achievements.  Through this program she was able to work at the Aberdeen Proving Grounds on Additive Manufacturing research with mentor Larry R Holmes Jr.