NSF Projects at HPMI


SNM: Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing of High Quality Bucky-tape with Aligned and Crosslinked Carbon Nanotubes Through In-line Sensing and Control-Dr. Richard Liang and Dr. Arda Vanli
REU Site: Retaining Engineers through Research Entrepreneurship and Advanced Materials Training-Dr. Okenwa Okoli and Dr. Arda Vanli
I-Corps: Commercialization Feasibility of an In-situ Sensor For Vehicular Impact Monitoring System – Dr. Okenwa Okoli
GOALI: Engineering-Driven Modeling of Multi-Resolution Data for Surface Variation Control – Dr. Hui Wang
Understanding and Monitoring Nanoparticle Self-Assembly Processes with Online Transmission Electron Microscopic Data – Dr. Chiwoo Park
Integration of Polyelectrolyte Contact Printing and Aryldiazonium Chemistry for Nanopatterning–Co-PI Dr. Tao Liu