HPMI Researcher Dr. Hui Wang recently received awards for two papers.

His paper “Progressive Measurement and Monitoring for Multi-Resolution Data in Surface Manufacturing Considering Spatial and Cross Correlations” was named Quality & Reliability Engineering Best Application Paper at the  IISE Annual Conference and Expo in Pennsylvania. Every year, the premier gathering of industrial and systems engineering types offers numerous honors, awards and scholarships to mark how the profession is making a difference in the world.

This award recognizes the best paper published in each of the focused issues of IIE Transactions and the best applications paper published in each of the focused issues of IIE Transactions.

Dr. Wang was also awarded the Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award is presented for the best current original paper or papers presented before ASME and/or published by ASME during the two calendar years immediately preceding the year of the award. The papers clearly demonstrate the science and engineering technologies outlined in the paper, resulting in a significant contribution to the manufacturing processes and systems for the design or application of machine tools, gauges, dimensional measuring instruments, or new manufacturing technologies and metrology approaches.