Paper by HPMI researcher places second in competition

HPMI Researcher Jolie Breaux Frketic paper "Dexterous Printing and Fabrication of Multi-functional Parts: Sentiments in Science and Engineering Education" placed second runner up at the North American Manufacturing Research Conference (NAMRC) 2017 Conference. HPMI researchers Sean Psulkowski, Alex Sharp and Tarik Dickens also contributed to the paper.

As part of the annual NAMRC, a Student Research Presentation Award is presented in recognition of students' contributions to NAMRC. Encouraging young talents to pursue a career in manufacturing research is of vital importance to the long-term goals of the manufacturing community.

The conference received 42 papers for the completion. Of the 42 papers, 12 students were invited to present at the competition. Of the final 12, Jolie’s presentation finished second.