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Keep up with presentations, demonstrations, and reports about the High Performance Materials Institute and our latest developments! Clicking on a video once will play the video. Clicking on a video twice will take you to the video's corresponding youtube.com page for more information.

HPMI Director Richard Liang featured in FSU’s Research in a Minute

FSU’s YouTube feature Research in a Minute feature HPMI director Richard Liang discussing his work on carbon nanotubes to make next-generation materials.

Auxetic foam making a major impact

Auxetic foam is a relatively new research project at HPMI that has been developed. Auxetic foams are materials with negative Poisson's ratio. Contrary to most materials, auxetic foam expands transversally when being stretched axially and contracts transversally when compressed. The foam he developed is an emerging smart materials that has several diverse applications, including use in protective equipment and biomedical devices, autonomous shape adjustment for prosthetics, improved bending stiffness and shear resistance for structural integrity construction elements, optimal dynamics, acoustic and dielectric properties for damping application and wave absorbers. Dr. Chanchung Zeng discusses the foam, which FSU has licensed the technology to the new company Auxadyne.

Advanced Manufacturing

HPMI has a lab devoted to 3-D printing. Several printers are in the lab already, with others being built. See this overview of some aspects of the advanced manufacturing technology available at HPMI.

The Associated Press reports on Buckypaper

Developed at Florida State University, buckypaper is composed of carbon nanotubes and it could revolutionize the way everything from airplanes to TVs are made. See also: Buckypaper

Fire Retardancy: Carbon Fiber vs Buckypaper

The sample on the left is a standard carbon fiber composite. The sample on the right is carbon fiber with buckypaper. The nanotubes making the buckypaper minimizes the fire and smoke.

HPMI Carbon Fiber composite electric car

Student-made video of the debut of HPMI's electric-powered, composite car.

ALS Bucket Challenge HPMI IME

Students, faculty and Staff participate in the ALS Bucket Challenge started by a Boston College baseball player who developed ALS. People are challenged to make a donation or get doused in a bucket of ice water. Most do both. HPMI IME challenges the Centers and the departments at FAMU FSU College of Engineering to donate to stop this deadly disease.

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